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Revit 2024 - What's New

What’s New? Revit 2024: Discover Revit Latest Features to Boost Your Workflow

Revit 2024, just has been released. Now you can use Autodesk’s popular BIM software’s latest version. It comes with it a range of exciting new features and improvements, designed to help you streamline your workflow and create even more complex and detailed designs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some key new features of Revit 2024 that you can look forward to using.

Revit 2024


1. Site Tools Improvements

Revit 2024 has made several improvements to its site tools, which will make it easier for you to work on complex site designs. The Massing & Site Tab has been reorganized to make it more intuitive, while the Toposolid has replaced the Toposurface as the main tool for modeling terrain. This change allows for more precise modeling of terrain, as well as better control over the cut and fill volumes.

You can now create a Toposolid from a Toposurface, and subdivision is now possible on Toposolids. Mass voids can also be created on Toposolids, allowing for more flexibility in design. Contour settings can be adjusted per type, and it is now possible to cut Toposolids, add slab edges, and split Toposolids.

Linked topography has become a Toposolid, and floor-based families can now be placed on Toposolids. Toposolid Graded Regions allow for more control over the grading of a site, while Preview Points in Shape Editing make it easier to visualize and adjust point clouds.

Site Tools Improvements
Site Tools Improvements


2. New Sample Model

After years of familiarity with the old sample file, we have now introduced a new and more intricate one called Snowdon Tower. This latest example comprises multiple models, catering to various disciplines including Architecture, Structural, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Civil.

New Sample Model
New Sample Model


3. Simplified Default Templates

The days of having separate templates for each discipline are gone. Now, with Revit 2024, we have a singular Metric and Imperial template. This streamlines the process for all disciplines, allowing them to collaborate on a central file with consistent settings.

Simplified Default Templates
Simplified Default Templates


4. New Textures Visual Style

The new version of Revit also includes a new Textures Visual Style, which allows for more realistic presenting renderings of materials and textures. This feature is particularly useful for architects who are working on designs that require a high degree of realism and accuracy. 

New Textures Visual Style
New Textures Visual Style


5. Schedule Revision Clouds

Revit 2024 now includes Schedule Revision Clouds, which can be used to highlight changes in schedules. This feature makes it easier to track changes to a design and ensures that all team members are aware of any revisions.

6. Dark Theme

For those who prefer a darker interface, Revit 2024 now includes a Dark Theme. This feature can help reduce eye strain and improve the overall user experience.

Dark Theme
Dark Theme


7. Dynamo 2.17 Improvements

Revit 2024 also includes improvements to Dynamo 2.17, making it easier for you to automate repetitive tasks and improve their workflow.

8. Revisions to Multiple Sheets

Revit 2024 now allows for revisions to multiple sheets, making it easier to manage changes across multiple sheets and maintain consistency in a project.

9. Modernized Project Browser

The Project Browser has been modernized in Revit 2024, making it easier to find and access project files. This improvement can save time and improve overall productivity.

10. Height Parameter in Scope Box

The Height Parameter in Scope Box has been added in Revit 2024, allowing you to adjust the height of a Scope Box. This feature is particularly useful for projects that involve multiple levels or complex geometries.

Height Parameter in Scope Box
Height Parameter in Scope Box

11. UI Modernization

Revit 2024 features a UI Modernization, with updated icons and improved overall usability. This improvement makes it easier.

12. Resize Schedule Rows Height 

In Revit 2024, you can now resize scheduled rows’ height. This feature allows for better control over the layout of schedules and can make them easier to read and understand.

Resize Schedule Rows Height
Resize Schedule Rows Height


13. Insert Views on the Sheet at Once 

Revit 2024 now includes a feature that allows users to place all desired views on a sheet at once, instead of having to add them individually. This can be particularly helpful for projects that require multiple views to be displayed on a single sheet, such as plans, elevations, and sections. Additionally, users can easily move these views to other sheets if needed.

Insert Views on the Sheet at Once
Insert Views on the Sheet at Once


14. Open Sheet from Drawing

Revit 2024 allows you to open a sheet from a drawing directly. This feature can save time and improve overall efficiency by reducing the number of steps required to access sheets.

Open Sheet from Drawing
Open Sheet from Drawing


15. Control Draw Order in 3D Families

You can now control the draw order in 3D families in Revit 2024. This feature allows for more precise control over the placement of elements in 3D models and can help improve the overall accuracy of a design.

16. Project Parameters Sorted Alphabetically

Revit 2024 has sorted project parameters alphabetically, making it easier to find and access parameters in a project. This improvement can save time and improve overall efficiency.

Project Parameters Sorted Alphabetically


17. Resizable Dialogs

Dialog boxes in Revit 2024 are now resizable, allowing to adjust the size of dialog boxes to better fit their screen or workspace. This feature can improve the overall user experience and make it easier to work with dialog boxes.

Resizable Dialogs

18. Pattern Option When Using Align

When using the Align tool in Revit 2024, the designers can now choose to align patterns to a line or surface. This feature allows for a more precise alignment of elements in a design and can save time when working with complex geometries.


19. Collaboration Cache Path in the Local Disk

Finally, Revit 2024 now allows setting the collaboration cache path to the local disk. This feature can improve overall performance and reduce the likelihood of errors when collaborating on a project.

Collaboration Cache Path in the Local Disk


In conclusion, Revit 2024 brings a wide range of new features and improvements that will help you to streamline your workflow and create even more complex and detailed designs. From improved site tools and sample models to simplified templates and a new Textures Visual Style, Revit 2024 offers a range of tools that can help you to achieve your design goals with greater efficiency and accuracy. Whether you’re working on a large-scale project or a smaller design, Revit 2024 is sure to provide the tools and features you need to get the job done.

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