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Frequently Asked Questions​

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What is the scope of your services?

We specialize in empowering architectural and manufacturing teams by accelerating modeling processes, enhancing team efficiency, refining workflows, and introducing cost-effective solutions, including advanced AI tools. We make BIM, AI, and automation easy to integrate into your operations.

Furthermore, we offer a ready BIM Team, consisted of diverse experts. All at a price that aligns with the average BIM Manager's salary. This ensures that you not only benefit from cutting-edge solutions, but also from a team equipped to handle a variety of challenges in the architectural and manufacturing areas.

Do you offer outsourced modeling services?

No, we do not offer modeling services.

Instead, we strive to enable you to work smart by providing tools and expertise to automate and refine your in-house operations. This eliminates the need for outsourcing your modeling, ensuring optimal outcomes for your business. With our BIM and AI expertise, you can expect increased productivity and significant cost savings.

I aready have a BIM Manager. Why do we need you?

Even with an existing BIM Manager, our services provide additional expertise and tools to further enhance your processes. We offer specialized solutions and advanced technologies that complement and increase your in-house capabilities, resulting in improved efficiency and outcomes.

It's important to acknowledge that one person cannot be an expert in everything, whereas our services provide access to experts across various areas.

Building an in-house BIM Team is not only time-consuming, but also costly. In contrast, we offer a ready-to-plug-in BIM Team that can seamlessly integrate into your organization. Your BIM Manager can oversee and navigate this collaboration, allowing your team to focus more on their management tasks. This approach not only saves time and resources but also ensures that you have access to a diverse set of BIM experts to meet your specific project needs.

We have a BIM Team in-house. They are doing the modeling. Why do we need you?

While you have an in-house BIM team dedicated to modeling, our role at Integrated BIM is not to duplicate your existing setup. Instead, we specialize in optimizing workflows and automating repetitive tasks to enhance the efficiency of your team. Our focus is on empowering teams to achieve more and better results faster, without the need to outsource modeling services.

By complementing your internal team's capabilities, we help them to deliver projects faster and more efficiently. Our services are designed to be a strategic addition to your existing setup, providing specialized expertise and tools to optimize your team's performance.

We do not use Revit. Could you still help us?

Certainly! Our services go beyond exclusively to Revit. We provide expertise and solutions that can benefit teams using various platforms and tools. Importantly, our offerings extend beyond software—we empower architectural teams by accelerating modeling and drafting processes, enhancing team efficiency, refining workflows by eliminating repetitive tasks, and introducing cost-effective solutions, including automation and advanced AI tools. Our commitment is to comprehensively support and optimize your entire project workflow, regardless of the software environment you operate in.

We work with authorized resellers. What makes you different?

At Integrated BIM we provide reseller-independent recommendations, customized training, cost-effective efficiency, and results-driven strategy. Our approach ensures dynamic goal alignment, industry-specific guidance, and improvement for sustainable growth. Proactively innovating, we facilitate easy tool incorporation into existing workflows, enabling quick adaptation to market and tech changes.

In contrast, resellers may offer a generalized approach with tools underutilized, a revenue-centric focus, delayed support, and automation constraints. Their one-size-fits-all approach, limited tech scope, and slower adaptation are further hindered by vendor agreements and policies.

What is a Knowledge Base? Why is it important to us?

A Knowledge Base is a centralized storage of information and resources that serves as a reference and guide for users. It contains essential information, best practices, and troubleshooting tips related to our services. Moreover, we tailor solutions for each individual client and store them in various formats such as videos, articles, images, etc. This personalized approach ensures that each company has its own Knowledge Base with protected access, underlining our commitment to confidentiality.

This strategy not only guarantees the resolution of problems but also eliminates the need for repeated training, significantly aiding in onboarding new team members. Crucial information for the company is encompassed in the Knowledge Base, allowing for seamless knowledge transfer even when someone leaves the company. The organization's knowledge remains intact, contributing to sustained efficiency and continuity.

Additionally, we provide a common, freely accessible Knowledge Base with helpful information that everyone can check. Feel free to explore and enhance your understanding.

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Where are you located?

Headquartered in the USA, we operate as a global virtual company with a diverse talent pool spanning Europe, South America, and North America. Despite not having a physical presence, we break free from location constraints, ensuring that expertise is not limited by geographical boundaries.

This approach allows us to access the best skills and knowledge, unrestricted by location, giving us a competitive edge in providing top-notch services regardless of where our team members are based. Our main emphasis is on catering to the USA market, where the majority of our clients are located. This unique approach allows us to offer a global perspective and a rich amalgamation of skills, fostering innovation and ensuring our solutions are finely tuned to meet the specific needs of our clients in the USA and beyond.

Feel free to contact us with any unanswered questions – we’re ready to assist!