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BIM Services Provider

Achieve better and faster results with your existing team by having dedicated BIM Managers and BIM experts by your side.

Resolving Architectural and Manufacturing Challenges

Supercharge your architectural and manufacturing teams with a dedicated BIM Team led by an experienced BIM Manager.

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging diverse expertise within the ready-to-plug-in BIM Team, ensuring comprehensive on-demand support for various challenges. 

Team Success

Architectural Teams

Maximizing Team Productivity

Design Efficiency

Experience a transformative shift with Integrated BIM Services, dedicated to overcoming unproductive time. Streamlined workflows and rapid issue resolution empower your design team, saving valuable time and maximizing overall productivity.

Accelerated Modeling

Eliminate project delays caused by heavy models as Integrated BIM Services expedite modeling processes, ensuring on-time project delivery without the need for explanations.

Revenue Opportunities

Integrated BIM Services not only address challenges but also optimize team efficiency. By saving valuable time, your team can open avenues for more projects, leading to increased revenue growth.

Manufacturing Teams

Streamlining Processes for Success

Improved Lead Times

Navigate manufacturing challenges with Integrated BIM Services, offering improved lead times that avoid delays and prevent missed opportunities for growth.

Risk Mitigation

Eliminate the risk of costly mistakes in manufacturing processes. We provide a robust framework, ensuring smooth operations and financial stability.

Design & Visualizations

Offer clients a clear roadmap through advanced design and visualization tools. Enhance communication, providing a comprehensive visual representation that ensures transparency and client satisfaction.

BIM Software Circle

Why Choose Integrated BIM

as a BIM Services Provider?

It’s not just about having the best software, but the right software tailored to your unique requirements. We don’t limit ourselves to Revit BIM services or Autodesk software.

Our commitment goes beyond specific providers. We exploit a diverse range of tools, offering tailored suggestions and seamlessly automating processes. With us, it’s not just about software; it’s about crafting a bespoke workflow that maximizes efficiency for your specific projects.

Our goal

We Make BIM Easy For You!

Knowledge Empowerment

Centralizing critical information, best practices, and troubleshooting tips means that knowledge remains within the company, safeguarding valuable insights even when team members leave. Once a problem is solved, it remains resolved forever.

Process Automation

We excel at accelerating modeling processes, enhancing team efficiency, refining workflows, automating processes, and introducing cost-effective, solutions, including advanced AI tools.

Best Practices

We focus on optimizing workflows, BIM standards, structure, license management, and product development — all tailored to achieve our goals. With a client-centric approach, we’re continuously learning and adapting to your needs.

About working with us

You can work smart because we work hard

On-Demand Support

Get the right expert to solve your issue promptly, eliminating the need for your team to waste time attempting to resolve it. This not only saves valuable time but redirects it towards more productive endeavors, optimizing your team’s efficiency.

Tailored Training

Our custom training programs and live 1 on 1 sessions are designed to meet your unique needs, while our BIM knowledge and software skills assessment will ensure that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Product Development

Crafting central libraries, Revit families, Dynamo scripts, and many others to save you valuable time and ensure ease of use. We employ best practices to significantly increase the speed of the modeling process.

Accreditations as an Autodesk Services Provider

We invest in customer success practices and service delivery. Accreditation is achieved through a process that involves completing a knowledge check, delivering services to customers, and garnering positive reviews on our service delivery. This signifies our commitment to maintaining high standards and ensures that our partners receive exceptional and well-recognized services.

BIM Management Accreditations
Revit Accreditations
BIM Collaborate (BIM 360)
Autodesk 10+
Skills & Authorizations