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Transform Your Building Design with Code Compliance Automation

Ensure precision and efficiency in design with automated compliance across different states, minimizing errors and rework. Spend more time perfecting your designs and less on coordination issues

code compliance doors and stairs

Maximize Your Use of Revit for Enhanced Productivity

Automate tasks like occupancy loads, plumbing fixture calculations, door degrees, stair egress, and more using schedules and smart tags in Revit

Automated Compliance Checks

Eliminate the manual code reviews. Our smart automation matches your Revit model’s elements with building code requirements in real-time, providing instant feedback on compliance

Dynamic Occupancy Tracking

Easily manage changes in area requirements with automated occupancy calculations. As you modify your design, occupancy numbers adjust automatically to keep your project compliant

Smart Scheduling & Tagging

Streamline documentation with automated schedules and tags that integrate building code data directly into your Revit workflows. Keep track of plumbing areas, stair capacities, and door configurations effortlessly

Efficiency, Accuracy, and Confidence in Code Compliance

Avoid tedious manual checks and compliance headaches in your building design process. Automated or semi-automated Code Compliance ensures your projects meet all requirements seamlessly.

It eliminates the need for redesigning spaces due to incorrect numbers in your designs, establishing core compliance early in the design stages, resulting in fewer code compliance errors per check

Code compliance


Save time and effort with automated compliance checks and real-time updates


Minimizing errors and reducing non-compliance risks, including incorrect designs


Adapt to changing project needs with dynamic adjustments and integrations


Streamline your workflow and deliver projects faster with confidence

Differences Between AI and Automation


Mimics human speech, thought processes, and actions

Identifies patterns, learns from experience, and makes decisions autonomously

Use machine learning to enable computers to learn


Enables machines to handle repetitive, routine tasks

Allows humans to focus on complex decision-making and tasks requiring personal attention

Operates through manual configuration to set up workflows and operational rules

Accreditations as an
Autodesk Services Provider

We invest in customer success practices and service delivery. Accreditation is achieved through a process that involves completing a knowledge check, delivering services to customers, and garnering positive reviews on our service delivery. This signifies our commitment to maintaining high standards and ensures that our partners receive exceptional and well-recognized services.

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BIM Collaborate (BIM 360)
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We Love Hearing Our Client's Success Stories​


“Kudos to a job well done. Particular, attention to detail, and extremely cooperative. The perfect company for a long-term association of large Projects. The Integrated BIM team has been fantastic in clearly understanding the requirements, speed of delivery, and commitment to completion. Proactive and cooperative, I would definitely go back to them for all my projects.“

Shital Soni
CEO of Iconic Design Enterprise
allied BIM 1

“Integrated BIM delivered and super exceeded our expectations. We will be assigning more work to them in the near future. Their patience and professionalism were the keys to our success on this project. We appreciate the Integrated BIM team and all they have done for our documentation for Allied’s Fabrication Tools. We look forward to working with Integrated BIM again very soon on a major client project. We trust Hasan and his team will continue to deliver."

Brian Nickel
CEO & Founder at Allied BIM
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"Hasan was very knowledgeable. He was organized and punctual. I would recommend him for any BIM projects in the future."

Andrew Kreifels
Koch Industries

“We avoided ‘BIM’ for as long as possible, whereas it delivers increased agility for specifiers, the opposite is true for us as a manufacturer: our product development is fast-paced and BIM adds friction to each new iteration. We sensed a ‘tipping point’ around 2020, the cost of not offering BIM became greater than the cost of implementation. So we turned to YouTube, to find the freshest BIM thinking, which is where we discovered Hasan Yumer & Integrated BIM, who’s since become a consultant we work with often. ‘BIM’ is a deceptively short and snappy name for what is in reality a large, varied landscape. Creating BIM content that’s genuinely appreciated by specifiers is the art and craft of balancing simplicity and usefulness. Integrated BIM and Hasan have been hugely valuable in working all that out, and we salute him.”

Stanley Wilson
Co-Founder at Factorylux
touzet logo

"It has been beneficial that the Integrated BIM team and Hasan explained Revit's different capabilities and workflow. It's an essential part of the correct development of a project. They help us set up our BIM collaboration and our templates, and until now, everything has been working well."

Jose Villa Sene
Architectural Designer At Touzet Studio Design & Architecture

“The Integrated BIM team is amazingly capable BIM experts. I worked with them over the course of a year to switch over from SolidWorks to Revit. The automation of 3D modeling and shop drawing package creation for a complicated fully-custom aluminum and polycarb building system (every single extrusion used is custom). Their work resulted in a 90% decrease(!!!!) in the time required to generate 3D models and shop drawings for the production floor. I couldn’t be happier with my choice…..and Hasan is just a fantastic guy to boot!“

Josh Ellis
Owner & Engineering Consultant at Trellis Designs

“When we started the consultation, we worked on Revit and developing our office standards. It has been beneficial how the Integrated BIM team explained Revit’s different capabilities and workflow. They help us to set up our BIM collaboration and our templates, and until now, everything has been working well. They helped evaluate the 2D modeling and find the most efficient and valid way to execute the project. It has been an educational experience working with them.”

Jose V.
Small Architectural Practice in Miami (10+ Employees)

“Integrated BIM’s team has been an incredible asset during our BIM implementation experience. They are quickly able to understand both the management and the end user, come up with a solution and perform exceeding expectations. I highly recommend them.”

Gabriel M.
IT Support Company for Large and Small Scale Architects

“The Integrated BIM team’s infinite knowledge and problem-solving abilities, combined with a wonderful personal touch, have elevated our BIM to new levels. I highly recommend.”

Anna C.
International Architecture Enterprise (500+ Employees)

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