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BIM and AI Automation

We Build Functional Revit Families & Libraries That Meet Your Specific Needs

Our Revit BIM services include creating parametric Revit families and developing a centralized library. As your dedicated Revit consultant, we prioritize high-quality, user-friendly solutions—simply copy/paste elements from the central library.

All families are lightweight, under 1 MB, and fully parametric.


Change Size & Dimensions


Tagging & Scheduling Automatically


Speed of Response & Model Speed

We Build Functional Families & Libraries That Meet Your Specific Needs


Change Size & Dimensions


Tagging & Scheduling Automatically


Speed of Response & Model Speed

Revit Parking Family

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Revit Parking Family
$49.99 $ Free
  • Select vertical spaces for up to 3 cars
  • Adjust lift, platform, strip, and wheel stop materials
  • Customize angle position
  • Rotate, align, and apply arrays as needed
  • Control width and length with minimal sizes
  • Platform height, thickness, and clearance structure height
  • Optional left and right clearance areas
  • Activate signs for people with disabilities, valet parking, and electric car charging
  • Control over park stop limit
Revit Shower Families

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4-in-1 Shower Families
$ 49,90
  • Customize glass and curb sizes
  • Manage visibility settings for a desired look
  • Precisely adjust width, height, and depth
  • Control shower placement and its height
  • Handpick materials for glass, seat, curb, and shower components
  • Modify drain location for optimal functionality
  • Fine-tune seat settings for personalized comfort
  • Control the visibility of door projections in 2D
  • Fit for any space, including non-perpendicular areas, with varied layouts and corners.
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The Result for Your Organization

Maintaining standardization and the health of your models is crucial to achieving a higher ROI. As your BIM service provider, we guarantee that our Revit Central Library ensures a 30% increase in delivery speed and an 80% improvement in consistency.

Faster Model

Reducing the model size and increasing the modeling speed for deliver faster

Revit Library

Just pick and use the family from the custom library build for your organization. 

Reusable & Custom

Repeat the family multiple times without affecting the model’s performance

Architectural Companies's Success Stories

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“Integrated BIM team’s infinite knowledge and problem-solving abilities, combined with a wonderful personal touch, have elevated our BIM to new levels. I highly recommend.”

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Anna C.
International Architecture Enterprise (500+ Employees)

“The Integrated BIM team was very knowledgeable on construction and building information modeling. They were organized and punctual. I would recommend them for any BIM projects in the future.“

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Andrew Kreifels
Director of Strategy at Koch Industries
“Integrated BIM’s team has been an incredible asset during our BIM implementation experience. They are quickly able to understand both the management and the end user, come up with a solution and perform exceeding expectations. I highly recommend them.”

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Gabriel M.
IT Support Company for Large and Small Scale Architects

“When we started the consultation, we worked on Revit and developing our office standards. It has been beneficial how the Integrated BIM team explained Revit’s different capabilities and workflow. 

They help us to set up our BIM collaboration and our templates, and until now, everything has been working well. They helped evaluate the 2D modeling and find the most efficient and valid way to execute the project. It has been an educational experience working with them.”

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Jose V.
Small Architectural Practice (10+ Employees)

“Kudos to a job well done. Particular, attention to detail, and extremely cooperative. The perfect company for a long-term association of large Projects. 

The Integrated BIM team has been fantastic in clearly understanding the requirements, speed of delivery, and commitment to completion. Proactive and cooperative, I would definitely go back to them for all my projects.“

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Shital Soni
CEO at Iconic Design Enterprise

“We were wasting a lot of time and money doing things the “hard way”. If you are looking for someone to help your business take the next step and truly grow, Hasan is someone I would recommend 100%. 

At Integrated BIM work, many incredible talents within BIM and improving business operations. The focus and attention the team pays to the process of striving for efficiency in every aspect of the challenge or task is inspiring.“

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Cihan Ozdemir
Project Engineer & CEO at DynaDome

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