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Save 20-50% of Architectural Team Time by Avoiding 6 Mistakes

Stop wasting your architectural team’s time! If you’re not optimizing the 6 critical aspects we are about to reveal, you could be wasting over 50% of your architectural team’s valuable time.

A struggling architect equals bad design outcomes. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re diving deep into these essential topics, from automation to AI, consistency to knowledge distribution, and better support to better design.

In the fast-paced world of architecture, time is of the essence. Every minute wasted can directly impact productivity, project deadlines, and overall profitability. As an architectural firm, it is crucial to identify the factors that consume a significant portion of your team’s time and find effective solutions to streamline operations.

 Let’s get started!

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1. Heavy Models and Performance Slowdown

Revit, AutoCAD, and ArchiCAD are single-core software.  Even if you have the most powerful PC in the world, it will only utilize the single core to its maximum capacity working with heavy models can significantly slow down production speed, resulting in wasted time and decreased efficiency. Heavy models can slow down production speed by about 20-30%, while super-heavy models can lead to a staggering 50% reduction in performance. This means that a considerable portion of your team’s salary is wasted on dealing with slow and heavy models.

90% of the Revit model consists of Revit families. That is why a stock or insufficiently made Revit families are the main reason for a heavy and slow model. 

We use the best practices in optimizing models and implementing efficient workflows can help improve performance and maximize your team’s productivity.

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2. Redoing Documentation for Design Changes

How can you automate and standardize your workflow using AI and cost-efficient tools?

To avoid headaches, start with a comprehensive interview with your client and a detailed project brief, including the budget and time frame. Educate your clients about regulations, codes, and energy efficiency early in the process to avoid costly changes down the road. Don’t forget energy efficiency – start thinking about it from day one, and you’ll thank yourself later. Don’t forget to keep track of lessons learned and embrace new ideas. It’s all about progress!

3. Technical Issues and Software Support

Architects often find themselves dealing with technical issues related to software and other technical aspects of their work. Therefore, architects are spending a significant amount of time dealing with issues that are not related to their expertise.

Architect should not spend their time solving basic technical issues, rather they have to do what they do best – stunning designs.

If your team has a dedicated team to provide technical support, they can delegate these issues, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. Our team of experts can promptly resolve software issues, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing time wasted on troubleshooting.

Better support means better design! Learn how to detect errors efficiently and provide the support your team needs.

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4. Family Consistency and Customization

Searching for the right families and customizing them for specific projects can be a time-consuming and tedious task for your architectural team. It often involves sifting through various sources and spending significant hours adapting families to meet project requirements.

For example, for the same task of improving and customizing a family, an architect can spend between 30 minutes to 4 valuable hours. An expert in developing Revit families would need between 5 and 30 minutes.

We create reliable and user-friendly Revit libraries that allow architects to simply pick and use the family they need, eliminating the need for time-consuming customization. Moreover, our optimized parametric families actually enhance the speed of the model and streamline the overall modeling process, ensuring optimal performance without sacrificing quality.

By leveraging our comprehensive Revit library, your team can save valuable time and focus on what truly matters: designing exceptional architectural solutions.

A centralized library, modeling techniques, and up-to-date knowledge distribution are key to success. Discover the power of a centralized library for both 2D and 3D components. Plus, we’ll delve into effective modeling techniques and knowledge distribution methods. Stay tuned for insights on COBie and openBIM, and explore tools like Newforma Project Center, Asite, and Procore for streamlined consistency!

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5. Repetitive Issue Resolution

Architects often find themselves solving the same issues repeatedly, leading to redundant work and wasted time. How this can be solved? We offer a comprehensive that contains helpful materials that can help your team solve common issues in minutes.

For our clients, we create a dedicated knowledge base for their organization. We store tutorials, articles, and materials that address the issues faced by your team. This centralized resource ensures that everyone, including new team members, can quickly access solutions to problems they encounter. Once an issue is resolved, it remains solved, saving time and effort in the long run.

Repetitive work can be a time sink. Discover the magic of BIM automation, parametric modeling, and regular model health checks. Learn how to set up BIM automation, keep your templates up to date, and leverage parametric modeling for adaptive designs. These tools can save you hours of manual labor and ensure your designs meet all requirements.

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6. Lack of Structure in distributing knowledge within your architectural team

A lack of structured education and training programs can hinder your team’s performance and productivity. Spending time on irrelevant education or missing out on training opportunities can have a detrimental impact on the quality of work.

We offer tailored training programs designed to address your organization’s specific needs. Our comprehensive training sessions can enhance your team’s skills and knowledge, empowering them to deliver exceptional results efficiently.

At Integrated BIM, we understand the value of time and the challenges that architectural teams face on a daily basis. By addressing the time-consuming factors outlined above, we aim to maximize efficiency and productivity within your organization. Our services encompass optimizing model performance, providing technical support, offering a wide range of customizable families, establishing a knowledge base, and delivering tailored training programs. Book a free consultation with us today and discover how we can help your architectural team reclaim their time and achieve remarkable results.