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AI Revit Helper

Simplify Your Workflow with AI-Driven Monitoring, Error Resolution, and Data Extraction, All Within Revit

  • Information Extraction
  • Instant Answers
  • Standardized Results
  • Non-Revit Users
  • Monitoring Your Workflow
  • Resolution of Errors
  • Instant Problem Solution
  • Enhancing Model Health

Save Time and Enhance Productivity with Instant Access to the Information You Need

Tailor-made for Architects, Designers, Revit Modelers, Project Managers
and any professional working within the Revit environment

AI Helper is your essential tool for error resolution and data extraction within Revit. This intuitive AI-driven solution actively monitors your workflow, providing real-time guidance on fixing errors, and allows you to extract any data you need, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

Key Benefits of AI Helper

Seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, enhancing functionality without the need to leave the Revit environment.

Error Detection

The AI Helper actively monitors user actions within Revit. When a user makes an inaccurate move or encounters an issue, the AI Helper detects it and generates a warning or error message.


Error Guidance

Upon detecting an error, the AI Helper provides immediate, step-by-step guidance on how to resolve the issue. It appears in a chat interface, helping users quickly understand and fix the problem without extensive troubleshooting.

Data Extraction

Users can request specific data from their Revit model through the chat interface. By simply typing in their request, AI Helper retrieves and displays the necessary data.


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Monitor Errors

AI Helper instantly suggests solutions to Revit errors. Specifically developed for architects, designers, and Revit users, it helps you quickly identify and resolve issues. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting, you receive clear, step-by-step guidance on how to fix problems right away.

This saves time, reduces frustration, and keeps your projects on track, ensuring you can focus more on design and less on problem-solving.

When you make an error in Revit, AI Helper automatically generates a warning and provides detailed instructions on how to resolve it.

By offering immediate solutions to errors, AI Helper reduces downtime and enhances productivity.

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Extract Data on Demand

AI Helper makes data extraction from your Revit model as simple as asking. Perfect for architects, project managers, and BIM coordinators, AI Helper allows you to quickly retrieve information such as lists of rooms and their total areas, or specific model parameters. This feature streamlines your workflow, enhances productivity, and facilitates data-driven decision-making by eliminating the hassle of manual data extraction.

Simply type your data request into the chat interface, and AI Helper will promptly provide the information you need.

By providing on-demand data extraction, AI Helper simplifies the process of retrieving essential information, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Sweet Words From Clients

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"Kudos for a job well done. Particular, attention to details, extremely cooperative. The perfect person for long-term association with large projects."

Shital Soni
CEO of Iconic Design Enterprise
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"Hasan delivered and super exceeded our expectations. His patience and professionalism were the keys to our success on our project."

Brian Nickel
CEO & Founder at Allied BIM
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"Hasan was very knowledgeable. He was organized and punctual. I would recommend him for any BIM projects in the future."

Andrew Kreifels
Koch Industries

"We avoided ‘BIM’ for as long as possible. We sensed a ‘tipping point’ around 2020, the cost of not offering BIM became greater than the cost of implementation. Hasan’s been hugely valuable in working all that out, and we salute him."

Stanley Wilson
Co-Founder at Factorylux
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"It has been beneficial that the Integrated BIM team and Hasan explained Revit's different capabilities and workflow. It's an essential part of the correct development of a project. They help us set up our BIM collaboration and our templates, and until now, everything has been working well."

Jose Villa Sene
Architectural Designer At Touzet Studio Design & Architecture

"Hasan is an amazingly capable BIM expert. His work resulted in a 90% decrease(!!!!) in the time required to generate 3D models and shop drawings for the production floor. I couldn't be happier with my choice.....and he's just a fantastic guy to boot!"

Josh Ellis
Owner & Engineering Consultant at Trellis Designs

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